Why Choose Darin Transformations, LLC

At Darin Transformations, we combine intuitive counseling with holistic healing methods to treat the following:

Children – Teenagers – Adults – ALL LIFE ISSUES

Meet Linda Darin, RN, BSN, MS, MSW

HHNY bioIntuitive Counselor, Energy Healer and Educator Linda Darin is a gifted Intuitive Counsel, Spiritual Healer and Educator.  To learn more about Linda, she prepared a personal message exploring her own journey. “As a child, I was never afraid of the dark energy.  From a young age, I could feel the light and dark energy emanating from other people and in a room, and I accepted this as a natural part of life.  I remember challenging those dark feelings, telling them they could not hurt me!  Without knowing what I would become, I was already a spiritual warrior.”
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