Client Testimonials

“Linda’s method of counseling mixes spirituality with successful corporate techniques that motivate you to make changes in your life.”
M. Cadet, Attorney, NYC, NY - Holistic Healing Client
“Linda is a healer who heals with words. I am able to develop awareness and clarity in a space of truth and non-judgment. Linda helped me resolve issues of trauma, anxiety, low self-esteem and connect with my life’s purpose. I am grateful for the past six years.” 
G. McGowan, Hospice Nurse Supervisor, Westchester, NY- Holistic Healing Client
“The Darin Transformations course was outstanding. It helped me open my heart and understand certain issues. I have become more passionate and empathetic.” 
Fred Oppong-Ntow, Student Nurse- Holistic Healing Client

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Holistic Healing Services

Darin Transformations’ Holistic Healing Services helps individuals overcome emotional, mental and physical ailments to achieve life balance and well-being.  Combining traditional healthcare methodologies with holistic medicine, Darin Transformations provides counseling and therapy for aging, addiction, anxiety, depression, career and life planning, personal development, fear, trauma, grief, family and marriage counseling through individual, group or family settings.

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Why Choose Darin Transformations

At Darin Transformations, we combine counseling with holistic healing methods to treat the following:

Linda Darin, BSN, MS, MSW

Linda Darin is a licensed health care practitioner of more than 30 years. Linda brings an exceptional depth of experience that combines her nursing, teaching, social work, therapy and holistic healing backgrounds.

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