Chakra Balancing NYC – at Darin Transformations

Why is Chakra Balancing important?

When our chakras (or any aspect of our energy system) are out of balance, it can have a profound impact on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. When they are out of balance/alignment, both our bodies and our lives are likely to be out of balance as well. We may find that we are illness- or accident-prone, or that our lives are unhappy, unsatisfying, or chaotic.

Energy flows through the chakra system in two ways. It flows up and down along your central channel, base of spine to top of head, connecting the chakras. It also flows horizontally, in an exchange of energy with the cosmos.

An energy healer will be able to perceive your chakras and whether they are balanced, open, and healthy. But it’s not really necessary to be able to perceive them in order to evaluate them and their state of balance, because when there is an imbalance in your chakra system, it will eventually manifest in your body, emotions, thoughts, or your life. In other words, it will show up clearly in the physical body at some point.

How do unbalanced chakras manifest in your body?

ChakraSystem-238x300There are seven chakras located throughout your body. Each chakra is expressed on the physical body in one of the endocrine glands that regulate physical and emotional processes in the body. The imbalance in the chakra will also be expressed in the endocrine gland linked to it.

When one (or more) of the chakras is blocked and the energy does not flow harmoniously through them, or it is wide open, it will result in imbalance that is manifested in all areas of life.

Working with the chakras, the subconscious mind and the energy fields in and around the body, Linda Darin will guide you through the release of blocked emotional energy, old patterns and negative emotions. After the emotional chakra release session, you are better able to access the energetic frequencies and higher states of consciousness at will, and you will see your life move forward in the direction that you set forth during your session.

When your chakras are balanced and flowing freely:

  • Your body is healthy enough to support your individual spiritual journey/fulfillment of life purpose.
  • You are well grounded, secure, confident and in touch with your own body.
  • You will be in touch with your emotions, but not overwhelmed by them.
  • You are comfortable with your own sexuality.
  • You are self-confident and able to manifest your desires without dominating others.
  • You are compassionate and loving, with healthy relationships
  • You are in touch with nature.
  • You will be able to express own truth, to listen as well as speak, to create.
  • Your intellect is balanced with wisdom; you are in touch with intuition.
  • You have a sense of connection with the divine.

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