Each of the seven chakras relates to a particular set of psycho-emotional issues and stores our past behaviors, beliefs and emotions related to these issues.  Chakra balancing helps to restore positive energy and well-being.

ChakraSystem-238x300Linda Darin’s integrated system of chakra balancing and healing bodywork and energy work known as The Darin Method, is ideal for anyone who is interested in healing and personal growth.

Through emotional chakra release clients gain understanding and release patterns, emotional reactions, thoughts and belief systems related to each chakra. By clearing energetic blockages in the various energy fields of the body, subconscious mind, and quantum-theta, emotional chakra release helps you to break through to a new level of your creativity, spiritual practice and your personal evolution, regardless of where you are on your path.

Emotional chakra balancing work produces lasting and life-changing results. After an emotional chakra healing session, one feels more balanced physically and emotionally, more connected to one’s creative process and intuition. One experiences life and emotions more positively. One is able to be present with all of their emotional frequencies without losing their connection to Self and their personal empowerment. They’re able to enter more fully into the Present Moment and experience joy and physical bliss. These are the initial and continued benefits of emotional chakra healing.

Working with the chakras, the subconscious mind and the energy fields in and around the body, Linda gently and effectively guides you through the release of blocked emotional energy, old patterns and negative emotions. She then assists you through a new level of awareness with the Self and to your own Source. The emotional chakra release of fears, anxiety, anger, and old residual negative emotions and patterns, opens the gateways for forgiveness, unconditional love, self-acceptance and a new connection to your core empowerment, and what you came here to do in this lifetime. After the emotional chakra release session, you are better able to access these energetic frequencies and higher states of consciousness at will, and you see your life move forward in the direction that you set forth during your session.

Please call or write for more information, on what your empowering transformational emotional chakra healing session with Linda can accomplish in the way of opening up blocked energy, releasing past trauma, enhancing your immune system, releasing chronic pain and unwanted emotional conditions, and helping you to break through to a new level of your personal, spiritual and creative process.

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