Guided Imagery techniques allow individuals to journey in an altered state of consciousness.

This ancient system is used to treat modern-day problems. Realize your ability to use your right-brain functions to open your intuition and to use your senses to perceive reality in a different way. You will see, hear, feel and smell from a different place inside yourself and expand your senses and imagination. Gain the tools so you can choose to enter into harmony and balance with the self and the universe. In guided imagery a mental image can be defined as “a thought with sensory qualities.” It is something we mentally see, hear, taste, smell, touch, or feel.

The term guided imagery refers to a wide variety of techniques, including simple visualization and direct suggestion using imagery, metaphor and story-telling, fantasy exploration and game playing, dream interpretation, drawing, and active imagination where elements of the unconscious are invited to appear as images that can communicate with the conscious mind.

Once considered an “alternative” “complementary” approach, guided imagery is now finding widespread scientific and public acceptance, and it is being used to teach psycho-physiological relaxation, alleviate anxiety and depression, relieve physical and psychological symptoms, overcome health-endangering habits, resolve conflicts, and help patients prepare for surgery and tolerate procedures more comfortably.

In guided imagery, mental images formed long before we learn to understand and use words are at the core of who we think we are, what we believe the world is like, what we feel we deserve, what we think will happen to us, and how motivated we are to take care of ourselves. In guided imagery these images strongly influence our beliefs and attitudes about how we fall ill, and what will help us to get better.

Interactive Guided Imagery is an innovative process that includes all the features of guided imagery and adds the important element of interactivity to the mix. Guided imagery works directly with the images that arise from the individual’s own imagination and inner wisdom. These images reflect the inner workings of one’s own healing processes, and often permit access to critical information about the issue at hand. With guided imagery, the Interactive Imagery Guide assists the client in learning to access and utilize the insights, resources, and solutions that arise from their own unconscious. The guide’s role is not to provide “better” images for the client, but to facilitate an enhanced awareness of the unconscious imagery the patient/client already has, and help clients learn to effectively work with this guided imagery on their own behalf. This process is capable of bringing about profound psychological and physiological change, as it simultaneously empowers and educates the client.

For example, a client can be asked to close her eyes and allow her mind to prompt a picture that symbolizes her problem. Using guided imagery techniques, the client may then be guided in an imaginary dialogue with this image to explore and reveal its meaning and relevance to her problem or issue. These images can provide important information about the problem, as well as the client’s beliefs, expectations, fears, resources and solutions. Since many clients have uncannily accurate intuitions about their problems and solutions, the imagery process makes these insights more easily available to them and their clinician.

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